21 guy dating 16 girl 21 guy dating 16 girl

21 guy dating 16 girl

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It might not happen when you want it to, but if it's meant to be then it'll be. Originally Posted by Miller Same here, except it was the guy who was older, and they had me instead of you, and neither of them are dead yet. It is actually a difference of one quarter of your life. The fact that you would date him anyway if your parents didn't approve actually proves you aren't as responsible as you think because a responsible 16 year old would respect her parents' opinion.

Originally Posted by Fuzzy Dunlop Reasonable people can acknowledge that there are examples of successful relationships between teens and adults and still hold that in general they're inappropriate and should not be encouraged. Anyone else came on here asking for advice and then basically laughing in the face of that advice Now you can go away. Find all posts by Enderw If the yo is socially immature, he may be at the same stage as the girl.

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Yeah - weird I know. As online dating swaziland as he treats her right and 21 guys dating 16 girl her!

My friends and I see girls that young as basically children. There was never 21 guy dating 16 girl else for her after that either.

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And to be fair, you DID ask if the age difference is too big. ST's vBulletin 3 Responsive Styles Our newly refreshed styles inbrings the old vb3 to the new level, responsive and modern feel.

Michelle, I have no problem with respectful opinions, but saying things like my relationship won't work because of the age difference is unnecessary, because I didn't ask that.

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Maybe the 16 year old and he got to chatting because they were members of the same extended social circle and found out that they have everything in common so maybe it was just a luck thing that he found someone who shares his abiding love of, say, DC comic book villian paraphenalia or online computer gaming or balsa wood airplanes in this girl, and not a question of his not being interested in girls his own age at all. I thought we just weren't meant to be and I couldn't change that, but once he found out I still had feelings for him he asked if I was ready to be in a relationship and I felt I was.

Communicate this with your boyfriend, and have him help you stay on target. You did seek opinions.

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Visit Shot From Guns's homepage! He was a great guy and made an excellent first boyfriend. I am turning 20 next month. A friend of mine fell in love with our science practice teacher when we were juniors in high school. When i told him i was 19 he was first Abit "shocked".

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That will apply even when you are an adult. He was 29, and was with a girl who was If she wasn't dating him, she would be seeing some horn-dog 17 year old who would be trying for the panties on a regular basis. A mature and responsible person would be able to look beyond their own feelings and be able to look at it from the other perspectives and demonstrate some empathy.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but that's an illogical statement. You will probably "fall in love" a few more times before you settle down so why rush it.

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It is more likely if you have such a large age difference or if you are a teen romance. However, if your parents have told you no and you are saying " well I'm doing it anyway", that is not a very mature response to the fact that you live in a household where others also live.

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There was nothing bad or unequal in our relationship.