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Get answers from the Bone-fish staff and other customers. Insert your own soup joke.

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How can I get the payments to stop as there is no way to contact them and they are based in Gibralter!!!! Coquihalla Lakes Lodge inappropriate behavior 2 hrs 5 mins ago.

I have emailed them, and they keep telling my account has not been closed, but I have and keep closing. We also take great measures to ensure that members are not contacted by scammers from Russia or Africa, because if they are contacted — especially within their first two or three weeks of being on the site — then it simply looks terrible.

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No really boring, dont gamble. However, this will only work until scammers figure out that they are les paul deluxe dating blocked.

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Credit Club Turbo boost your credit chances and get your free Experian credit report. Time to ditch Santander ? Members that have belonged to the service for two or three years and see some form scamming going on do tend to inform us of the dating so that we can remove the scammer s from the site.

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My bank did say I would have to contact them to get the account closed and stop them from accessing my account, however, I explained my predicament to the agent, and he said since I hadn't used my account since February and BF was still attempting to charge my account in June, he'll close that card out, reissue another and lodge a fraud claim against Bone-Fish Your browser isn't supported.

I'll need to look back further if also on prior statements. Live Stats 1, Posts Today 6, Users online.

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This will help to assess who needs to be watched carefully and will essentially ensure that these members are not scamming other members. What can the industry do to beat scammers? Top travel money comparison 8: We hope you like it!

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Cheap Energy Club Ensures the cheapest energy deal constantly. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Not only this trying to go through to there Customer Services and just trying to find who to acknowledge is a real pain. When I googled them that's what came up that's why I thought it was wierd.

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Scam site the email look up crashes and the card look up doesn't work either. Premium Bonds Calc Unique tool uses probability to estimate winnings. Only to learn four-months later they are dating attempting to access my account. Husband is in afghanistan so he's not going to be doing anything there either.

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The number that is on cc statement is which is a dead line and have googled them but come up with something wierd. Saw it on the last statement and now twice on this one. Aqua Reward0.

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