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Boss and employee dating, harassment claims and preferential treatment

Everyone gets his or her own way in life and I just live mine out no matter what.

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Chas Rampenthal is general counsel and vice president of product development at LegalZoom. A signed document will confirm a consensual relationship and provide additional notice of understanding of the sexual harassment policy.

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But as perfect as the scenario may seem, is it all pretty and rosy? But instead a relationship based on leveraging company opportunities and company money for manager's dating opportunities. Women have a hard enough time being taken seriously in the misogynistic business world as it is.

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Office romances are frowned upon in most places, but workplaces still stir up a lot of romances and emotional affairs all the time. Here's a breakdown of the legal ramifications of making and breaking a company policy.

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Your employee may also be the same, meaning everything you see about them "lines up" with you, but you are both likely leaving a huge amount of who you are outside the workplace unexamined.

It's highly unlikely that the situation will have a good ending.

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But as awesome as the pros of dating a boss can seem, it also does come with a big share of cons too. This is commonly known as the "Love Contract" approach.

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And that will never lead to a happy ending! Skip Advertisement This ad will close in 15 seconds Jan 18 '13 at 3: As companies grow and add employees, you boss and employee dating often see signs of budding workplace relationships. You would feel personally mormon dating online if they took it.

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Also, requiring all managers to complete sexual harassment training as often as deemed necessary by the company's officers is a great tool. If you break up you might find your work life so uncomfortable you are forced to leave or your boss fires you.

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They would be resentful if they didn't take it because of this relationship.