Dating a man with obsessive compulsive personality disorder 14 years of living in a land mine with OCPD spouse

Dating a man with obsessive compulsive personality disorder

But apart from that most of his symptoms got minor. We tried to make it work, but he didnt do anything to make it work.

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One day he told me he wanted a divorce. Not having the TV on constantly. My new behavior is irritating both him and my daughter, but I'm not explaining it, just trying to let go of trying to change a situation I CANNOT change.

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I don't have any great one-size-fits-all responses that will help correct your situation, but I figured by communicating my perceptions, it might help provide a more clear perception of your own situation. Making a meal that doesn't include a meat. Loving my husband, despite his irritating actions, after years of letting anger and frustration build inside me, I try to physically get up and walk away from the conversation.

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And he was so controlling. I was so convinced that he had OCPD, that I told him to go and see a psychiatrist for a diagnoses or it was over. Do I let him move back to make our life a living hell??

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OCPD individuals subconsciously seem to feel that they have to police the situation and the people around them. So we of course in his mind had to shower the same time every day. That hurts more than anything and makes me question if its even worth it when he seems to be taking me for granted right now despite the situation.

I don't know how dating a man with obsessive compulsive personality disorder it will take, but I do know that I have to live the life that I want and not blame them if I don't. I've known this for years, but have always had hope.

The difference between living in the closet and living a private life. I am SO sorry- that sounds so difficult, I can't imagine what you're going through. However, that was part of his need for a strict routine and us doing things 'right'. This blog, is not meant to bash those with OCPD. His behaviour had become too much.

I do have to take Xanax when I travel with him, or help him with anything. He doesn't hoard though - but he used to hoard until he left his home country.

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Bipolar 19 year old living at home, can't work or find a normal happy life. I can see depression creeping up on me I have to say that living with a Borderline parent was actually easier than this.

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It is a challenge for those who live with this personality, and the only real advice I've found is to recognize that the behaviors are not intended to be controlling as much as positive corrections. I had to start anti-depressants, my hubby takes his about twice a week "They cost too much, and I don't need them anyway".

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