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It has a lovely wood stock with chequered neck and rubber recoil pad. Read the Privacy Policy for more info.

Dating and valuing a BSA Airsporter and a BSA Cadet Major

That is also how I picked up a new camera. Another one hole group at 25 yards using this scope! What size tubing was needed again? Kevin, I could not agree more about dating bsa airsporter with Ron Robinson.

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Price for this rare sought after rifle includes UK delivery. The presence of a loading tap that can be turned 90 degrees to the transfer port any time you want the rifle to be safe precludes any need for this additional function.

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If it were me, I'd take it into John Knibbs and ask him for some advice face to face. BSA Mk1 Airsporter in. The barrel's bore is clean with crisp rifling and it cocks and fires as it should with a strong spring action.

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What I have now is complete powerplant and synchro unit. The top of the barrel is stamped '2'. Bakelite stock bolt filler plug.

The front sight on the club I would say is BSA standard ie with the grooves milled to take a hood.

Dating a Bsa Airsporter?

By the way, the large oval untouched area on the right side of the stock is intentionally left blank to be filled in with a customized engraving later, usually with a picture that tells a personal hunting story of the owner. Posted 13 January - Hopefully the firing behavior will be good if not the accuracy.

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The rifle in question is in full working order but is cosmetically a bit rough. The serial number was always interesting and i thought it was ten tousand and one so we went on the dating bsa airsporter to see if we could date it. Please log in to reply. Great report BB How do you explain jsb pellets generating more fpe than other pellets in the same weight class in spring guns? So, fingers crossed, that should be the final piece of work before it can all go back together!

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The underside of the barrel block is stamped with serial number ''. Hope you make some great memories with it. Mike, I have no idea. Loading tap opens automatically on cocking. Snuck that shotgun out and got that blue jay that always followed me around the woods scolding me. This would put smile on my face everytime I walked by. The top of the adjustable rear sight is stamped with the BSA stacked rifles logo and the top of the cylinder forward of it's 2 raised scope mounts is crisply marked 'BSA Meteor' with stylised arrow logo.

E the patent hellenic dating are very faint. NB as a post Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to the sale and delivery of this dating bsa airsporter apply. Got stored in a closet up at the family farm with a propane fired hot air furnace on the other side of the wall, problem was there was a make-up air vent in the back wall of the closet and the stockcracked at the wrist.