Dating coleman lanterns Vintage Coleman Lantern

Dating coleman lanterns

Thisin John Stendahl's collection, is date stamped May, They have brass frames and unusual lighting hole doors. Tilley household lamps pre Aug 22, ' This model is usually referred to as the mil itary spec ification lantern.

Vintage Coleman Lantern

Translate this page Powered by Microsoft Translator. The brass sided fount is protected with green paint. Coleman in Wichita made several export models in the mid 's. State agencies also marked lanterns for their use.

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Coleman is a registered trademark of The Coleman Company, Inc. Coleman in Wichita made the J dating coleman lanterns and J right there were no "I" versions in the series for about 5 years in the mid to late 70's.

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This lantern is in John Stendahl's collection. This is a hard to find case.

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This kerosene fueled lantern lacks a date stamp and was an export model. Coleman in Wichita made these Model lanterns in the mid 's.

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This Coleman parts rack dates to circa Col-Max models were exported to compete with Petromax style lanterns. The ventilator on this lantern, in Michael Merz's collection, may be a replacement.

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Very Nice original old lantern! This lantern, which was found in Germany, is in John Eggert's collection. This Model D dated A 50 is unusual in dating coleman lanterns the sides of the brass fount painted green instead of being nickel plated.

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This early H lantern, in Kameron Bissell's collection, has the basic differences from an F that are found in all H series lanterns including the offset fuel valve and burner tube fastened to the frame but still has the appearance of the F including the stamped, ribbed base rest. Vintage Never Used Coleman Lantern. This lantern, dated Aprilis in Glenn Knapke's collection.

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The black handled Coleman reflector, D, fits C-F models. This lantern was made for the military to help direct planes to airfields in or near enemy territory.