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Slide rules were still unfamiliar to most people and used only by a limited circle of engineers and technicians, rarely by businessmen.

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Later as Vice-President Technical Services Roman spent another 14 years transferring technology from the domestic company to the many fledgling associate companies in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Spain, Brazil.

I've also included links to scans of the appropriate catalog pages for this model rule, stored at Sphere Research Corp's Slide Rule Universe. Older slide rules have a stator in one piece.

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Complete with instructions and two part gray plastic hard case. The back is plain. Came in both plastic display cases and leather cases, and with some scale interesting variations. Note the unusual P, or Pythagorean, scale on the bottom of the front surface.

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This is a very unusual design, with a complex 3-sided cursor. Photo provided by daughter Irene Casey nee Russek. Faber's classic Rietz rule in a late production version, with an all plastic bodyhas green accent stripes on base scales, side cm ruler and enhanced trig scales. It has a clear plastic case and instructions. The Thirties and 2. The stock is 30cm long.

I can find no evidence of date stamps, which is consistent with turn of the century Faber rules prior to the merger with Castell in For centuries it had made calculations easier for countless mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and other occupations.

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Store Site is in German. Brian started his career as a Metallurgical Cadet at the B. The wood of this rule is beech, used only for a few years after WWII. Raymond DuBois, the grandson of Frank Barnett, writes: A truly incredible pocket rule.

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O Say Can You See? It dates from Few of the scales are labelled, and the language of the dating faber-castell slide rules tables has recently been identified for me as Swedish. Scales on the slide correspond to B, CI, and C scales. This technique was also used by Aristo another German slide rule makerbut they used yellow as their trademark accent to match their packaging.

You might want to compare this rule to the high end Aristo and Nestler offerings in my collection.

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It has a vinyl wallet instead of a hard plastic case. The metric ruler is continued in the well.

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From top to bottom: In his teens, being a keen electronic hobbyist, he won it in a competition run by a components supplier seeking a catchy sales line. Except for the lack of a centimeter scale and the odd scale arrangement, I'd have to say this is one of the most useful simplex rule I've ever seen for a comparison, check out the later-model "advanced Darmstadt" made by Hemmi. Roman Marian Russek was known for his wide knowledge of power cables and, in later datings faber-castell slide rules, for his expertise the transfer of technology within international joint ventures.

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For the year stamp, in most cases the following rules apply: Faber Mannheim Made in Bavaria. Standard conversion tables are printed on the back. The use of brackets only on the rear face gives a clean uncluttered look but are rather fragile if droppedthe plastic is whiter than most giving high contrast scales, the pastel blue of the slide and a comprehensive but not overwhelming range of scales gives what I think is an elegant and easy to use 'sports car' of slide rules.

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Many of the calculations we do daily are simple multiplication and division without the need for the 8 decimal places a typical calculator will deliver, e. Back has factors and formulas.