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Online genealogy resources How to preserve your family photographs on your computer. Is the bodywork an example of dating family photos australia coachbuilding or mass produced — does it match any particular builders style of coachwork?

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Find the facts about your old photos with a KwikTip guide for:. That said, it should always be possible to gain a reasonable date range for a dating family photos australia, based on the appearance of its subject's clothing, especially when this technique is combined with the other photo dating methods already covered in previous blogs.

The northern end of Regent St Redfern is a classic Sydney example.

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Wealthy subjects had many fashionable ensembles to choose from, whereas ordinary working-class ancestors usually donned their best outfit, kept for church on Sundays and special occasions. If the image was issued as a postcard then chances are other images of the same location will surface from rival photographic companies.

Outrage over doll that taught young girl to swear Now To Love. Variations on the knickerbockers suit continued throughout the later 19th century, some rather masculine versions made just like a miniature man's three-piece lounge suit.

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Because photographers were listed in local Trade Directories, a great amount of work has gone into listing them, by year, to see when the company was in business. Their hemlines were much shorter, however, beginning at knee-length and steadily lowering as the child grew older, until she was ready to dress like a woman at some point between the ages of 15 and Now, it's Your Turn Topics include evening attire, fashion accessories and even bathing costumes and undergarments.

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Waistcoats had a deep "V". Bell bottomed trousers sometimes with a split at the side appeared in the 's.

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This can help you narrow down the date of a photo somewhat. A question I had never thought to ask? Genealogy research in action Trace your family tree: Please enter a valid email address.

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Thanks Fiona and Anthea et al. Carte de visite printer.

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You can search, among other things: By the s, naturally-shaped skirts were fitting closely over the hips, the main dating feature of this decade being the bodice or blouse sleeve. Can you only see image from an angle? How 'lawn mower parents' are raising their kids 9Honey. The distinctive bustle silhouette prevailed until aroundwhen it began to become outmoded.

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Slender one-piece or tunic-style layered dresses were worn for 'best' but for ordinary day wear a calf-length skirt and blouse were usual: Photograph Characteristics The following chart lists the first characteristics you should look for when trying to identify and date old photographs. In essence there are elements contained within the image which are traceable given the right set of records eg technologies, fashions, architecture, signage etc and also elements that relate to the technical reproduction of the image.

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I would like it if someone could suggest websites for helping with the railway side of dating photographs such as the rolling stock and dates of station openings and extensions mentioned above.

Also see some sketches of vintage hairstyles here. As one of the other respondents has noted the photographer can also give a clue to the date of production.

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Keep them comming I love it.