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I dated a guy for a couple of months involving physical intimacy. However, under the close supervision of a good physician, you and your partner can be safely sexually active. I know how that sounds. It is merely a measure of logistics and science. But as a single heterosexual woman, I have the added challenge when dating of convincing men, who are often just as naive as I used to be, that they can be intimate with me.

1. What Is HIV?

If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask it. After a few times together, they made it clear that dating a woman with HIV seriously is not something they really want to get into, which is almost worse than someone not taking you out at all.

Taking care of your health is more dating hiv person than playing house with a dating hiv person, yet, even though I had been tested for STIs, I had never thought of getting an HIV test.

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In fact, it likely does the opposite. I naively thought I was invincible, that one day a hookup would lead to true Disney princess-style love, and never assumed that HIV would have anything to do with my life. He may have just as many fears or concerns as you do. Click the image above to view, print or download our flyer on navigating Mixed Status or Serodiscordant Relationships. When a person goes on treatment — I take one pill a day — undetectable is the goal.

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Brandon and I never did make it to third—or a third date. HIV lives in only certain human bodily fluids, and is transmitted into your bloodstream through only certain parts of your body. This summer, I tried to disclose my status on dating apps around that moment when they suggest meeting up IRL. And yet, too many gay men are still letting a positive status scare us away from meaningful romantic relationships.

What is Undetectable?

Pay attention, and you two will live happily ever after — or at least not break up over HIV. What if his mother is horrible?

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Reduce Higher Risk Sexual Activity: The fluids through which HIV can be transmitted are blood, semen, precum also called pre-seminal fluidvaginal fluid, breast milk only for mother-to-child transmissionand rectal fluids, also called anal mucous.