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Zipp makes the Sram S40, S60 and S80 carbon wheels.

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The new FP80 and FP60 c wheel sets are launched. Retrieved 30 July A conversion service is available for only for hubs gray or black from Zipp certified wheel builders. Lay the decal down lightly, so you can lift and reposition, if the orientation is wrong. Vuka brake and VukaShift are introduced. Designed to provide triathletes and time trial specialists with an aero-edge and optimized fit. ZIPP three-spoke wheel released. Visit your local bike shop.

Can I convert my 10 speed Zipp rear hub to 11 speed? New products announced for included: This all-round wheel set is replaced by the popular 30mm deep Zipp 30 at a lower price-point with different hubs and bearings.

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The silver hubs are discontinued and ZedTech custom wheels dropped for Rim shape is triangular. Download the Catalog [pdf].

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We offer an upgrade service for V7 gray and black hubs that will swap out axle, free hub and end cap, including a wheel re-dish, to accommodate 11 and 10 speed with a spacer drive chains October All Deep and Very Deep section wheels are now Dimpled: Front hub remains unchanged V7.

All Zipp spare parts can be ordered through your local Zipp dealer.

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If the dating zipp wheels decals are molded in, use the thumbnail test to feel for an edge you will have to purchase a set of decals and apply them over the top. Done well, a seatpost disappears beneath you.

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Release new V9 11 speed rear hub with larger non-drive flange, virtual 3x cross lacing on drive and non-drive and wider hub bearings. These new pads run 12 degrees cooler than others tested in our lab.

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What to look for in authentic Zipp handlebars: If your decals are adhesive and not molded in, you can use a hair dryer to soften the glue. Laser engraved dating zipp wheels number. Currently, the most popular wheel made by Zipp is the Firecrest clincher wheelset, known for its lightweight dimpled 58mm deep rim.

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Team CSC comes 1,2,4 and the winning lady is also riding s Kona World IM championship, riders on Zipp wheels come 1st and 5th mens1st, 2nd and 3rd in the womens event.