David x dating blog David X (3 Tips on How to Use His Method for Dating)

David x dating blog

I just don't like how jaded he is.

Meet David X And Learn What It Takes To Be Good With Women.

He is by far the worst, let me tell you my experience with his big mouth, and Im sure Im not alone, since I will post a link to a similar review of another guy. I thought it would have gotten me laid but instead I was portraying as myself as an insecure person making fun of women every chance he got. And Im not mentioning his arogance, he is david x dating blog clicking on his computer for like 15 minutes telling you hold on, but after 60 minutes good bye. Your view on this is great and exactly how I truly feel.

How Can I Help You Get To The Next Level With Women ?

I love David X. He is lying about his success rates.

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Somehow I think this man could be the best PU guru out there, as his brutal honesty is very honourable. After seeing all these PUAs video I think they just tell their audience what works for them. Your name or email address: And when you tell them Im doing it doesnt work he starts to talk about how women are fucked up today I swear.

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Then he gives you nonsense homework like taking pictures of girls and reading Harlequin novel so you have to spend money on a lot of consultations. They will be happy and you will be happy. July 13, at 2: Although, I do think my opinion may have been in the minority at the seminar. Older Men Dating Younger Women: Log in or Sign up. Dont waste you money friends.


Age 27 Posts Apr 22, Messages: This is your opportunity. The real truth is that being jaded does not get you laid.

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Using confidential Skype coaching sessions, I give you the tools you need to succeed in your dating life. He said he picked up a girl for a date once and she was running late.

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And he didnt know that in my country there is no law against it, so he started panicking that Im blackmailing him. Revolution Church Options and enter the ad code.

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So far I have learned a completely different way of looking at my life. Anyway, his seminar is here http: One half of me digs his take no sh! May 3, at Mar 28, Messages: If you read this David- [mod: