High school story dating kara Max Warren

High school story dating kara

Most of his lines are witty comebacks or teasing.

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Oct 4, 8: As a student, no. She seems nice at first and encourages the main group to hang around with them but it becomes high school story dating kara that she's uptight and has a cruel streak. In Book 2, he becomes Maria's cameraman because he got punished again for skipping a lot of classes. Nishan A textbook nerd and another early transfer from Hearst.

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Hope Julian's younger sister. After the whole school had their moral down because of their first game, Payton accidentally blurted to Maria that they didn't want to deal with her. St politix retired but we hope community will live here topix politics forum.

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Jordan and Caleb can accept this or not buy it at all. Wes takes the main character to meet him when explaining how his life affected his views on justice. She was once friends with Mia because they were both cheerleaders but when Mia helps the MC, Kara isn't friends with Mia anymore.

A requirement as a cheerleader. Her mother died when she was younger and part of her storyline consists of her coming to accept her father remarrying.

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She's also Pandora, the mysterious figure tormenting various students for monetary gains. Julian described him as an amateur, implying his lack of skill in basketball.

Frequently mentioned but almost never shown, except in Mia's Dream Date sequence; even then, he doesn't have a character-avatar of his own and has yet to say anything directly on-screen outside of narratives. He's the one behind the Water War plot, pitting you against Sakura so he can make profits off selling water-balloons to both sides.

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Initially she joins in with the bullying, thinking that Hope was in the wrong but after the main character and Julian confront her she confronts the other students and befriends Hope.

He is an overall jerk to everybody, doesn't feel remorse even after stealing his best friend's girlfriend and refuses to acknowledge that he did anything wrong In Book 1 Chapters 12 and 13, she wants to get back together with Caleb right before the game against Hearstclaiming that she's done with Brian.

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News exclusive pictures Rolling Stone app? She's incredibly close with Mia but is friendly to everyone she meets.

Max Warren

Emma still thinks he is funny. Caleb Mitchell Bi the Way: He's incredibly smart and somewhat award socially, although that gets better. In Book 1 Chapter 9, his premium backstory reveals that he made friends with Brian when he transferred.