Hook up old timing light need to set my timing on my 68, I have a VERY old timing light. help please.

Hook up old timing light

Accel distributors quite often have modifed advance curves, lighter springs so total timing comes in sooner.

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In Tune with the Times link Type2. I use this one monthly fixing goofs from people who forgot to undo the wire you need to before timing a car or in one case reminding me of old times the vacuum.

The strobing timing light "freezes" the motion of the pulley and allows you to see how many degrees before or after TDC the spark is firing. I have 1 at distributor diconnected and the coil wire deal they already had the clamp on inbetween the plug wire and distributor. I purchased a couple of years ago at a local Hudson meet for a buck or two a timing light with its original box, but without intructions on how to use it.

Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum'. If your light is one of the old neon bulb type units, you may have to be in a darkened garage to be able to see the flashes.

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Now I'm using LS1 coils, it doesn't work when clamped on the "correct" way around, ie. So the actually trigger wire hooked to the coil might work if the wires are that insulated.

Find More Posts by joewill. The original number of 4 degrees is very low you hooks up old timing light want to start with 12 degrees and listen for pinging but that is not an ideal way to do this.

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I've seen new wires that were such crap they were off the charts, so to speak. I'll break down and go get a new timing light but what's a digital timing light?

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Welcome to the The Garage Journal Board forums. Find More Posts by Vicegrip.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! Originally Posted by 7T1vette Before you check timing at idle, you need to remove the vacuum hose from the distributor vacuum can and put a plug in the hose to seal off any vacuum leakage ; you can use a machine screw, etc.

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Maybe it is failing. Click for Advanced Search. If you know the part number of the Accel distributor you may be able to go to their website and look up the installation instructions.

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Find More Posts by MarkH. I have one of those also but the pick up element is broken. Maybe on clamp 4? Custom Plug Wire Assembly Tip.

After that, you can hook the dist. Try clamping the pickup around the coil wire. If points you have to adjust the dwell angle first. War without end Feedback. Originally Posted by goodfellow. Don't have to listen to no run-of-the-mill talk jive.

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