How to get unbanned from halo reach matchmaking Why Am I Banned From Earning Credits From Halo: Reach?

How to get unbanned from halo reach matchmaking

Henrey November 7, at 9: Click here to cancel reply.

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You can use these tags: This ban is from boosting doing naughty things. LOL May 27, at 5: You cannot quit for three days to get rid of this.

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Game is just gay and im a legend. I was trying to play them, there was just something wrong with my internet connection that night that was lagging me out of the games.

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If you want to play the games the way you want to do a lan game, or play a campaign you can quit as many times as you want without other people having to worry about a teamate quitting. I got banned for nothing which is bullcrap because we had so many points,but a freaking guest that I forgave so many times had to do something. Who can tell me what game may i can play?

I get screwed for staying and i get screwed for leaving. So if you reach that number you get banned.

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So this is a little annoying, but its not a permanent ban. Unease Peanut 26 Jan So why the hell would anyone want to play with a person whos quitting?

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I've forgotten my password. I got banned while playing Living Dead killing a zombie right when he killed me, thus somehow making it a betrayal.

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I play arena and i have been getting stuck on crap teams in which a person always quits out. Bull crap it lasts 15 min!! THe maps look the same too.

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