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Submit a new link. This is coming from a girl I ended up drinking more and hitting the last party at alderaan. It might sound cheesy, but if you're having problems starting a conversation, maybe try preparing ahead of time.

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I'd dress up as a Rankor if she'd go out with me. Weird things can happen by accident. Immediately I recognized dating dragoncon very interesting was occurring.

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I ended up talking much more to the older gentleman standing beside her who turned out to be her father in town for the ball game. This is an archived post. Geeks make great mates!

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The happy couple spoke of how Lightspeed Dating had given them the chance to find one another, giving hope to everyone looking for their own special geek in this very room. Is it a dirty word?

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The good news is that on your 15th anniversary, George Lucas comes over and re-films your honeymoon with all-new "special effects". Alcohol can help as long as you're not sloppy drunk, especially if you're shy assuming you drink. If you just want to practice talking to strangers, there are a couple of times that are great to try. It's a great day when Chewbacca calls ring out in the CNN.

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Then since he was a ranking officer and my core was dying, we all talked. Because of this, unless you are early and in line, they shut the doors and turn the rest away.

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. What are you going to do, divorce her because she's not a hottie anymore?

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I know that this year one of my female friends is going. Already have an account?

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Then a bell rings, and you get shoved off and forgotten while she starts warming up on the next guy. So what I'm saying is: I usually go to a lot of panels so if someone has a dating dragoncon shirt on and i went to a panel or plan on going to one i'll ask if they went or they plan on it. Im married and I have had alot of Close calls with members of the opposite sex mistaken cosplay talk for hit ons.

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Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder Don't feel like you're the only one there alone, there are alot of people there that are single. SilentBoy That was one of the worst matchmaking free site of my life. Link Legend of Zelda Windwaker Complete 3. How long does it take? Someone has already mentioned starting conversations while waiting in line. Anyway, that Asian girl will have no competition to deal with.

Follow This Blog Twitter. I felt the women were doing the same thing I was - they were looking for a possible match that spoke to their passions by what genre of fandom they were representing.

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This totally worked for me!