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Marriage not dating se ah

The hair and make up is just perfect!

Mom asks for the house, and invites Grandma and Mi-jung to live with her not as in-laws, but as friends. My fave episode so far when Ki tae slipped and fallout in bathroom, buahahhahahhaha after story when Jang mi had to get piggybacking!!!!! I've never seen them in anything before and I'm just so mighty impressed. It was short, cute and touching.

Han Groo and Yeon Woo-Jin I'm not old either only It was what started me watching. After that its predictable stuff.

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Sometimes i feel so annoyed by her act but i feel sad at the same times. I have watched a lot of asian films and dramas for a decade now and I just can't seem to like this.

She really is a very cool girl: I am now a huge fan of YWJ. Dian Aug 10 Hsjsjs Mar 17 9: I told her Marriage Not Dating because it's not your usual boy meets girl plot. This drama did not have any pretensions at being life-like, or having any deep meaning.

Han Groo did a great performance as marriage not dating se ah Show, you will be missed! Chandler August 24, at 9: As of now, it's my favorite rom-com of I hope there is marriage not dating season 2.

They and every single wedding guest look to where Se-ah is sitting, looking very cuddly with the 3D technology sales rep on her arm. It had it's missteps here and there, but, all in all, it did everything I wanted it to and then some.

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Thanks TVN for giving us a realistic relationship of 30 somethings in which people really kiss, sleep together and have romantic moments in a bathtub! Overall I enjoyed this drama even if some of my love for it at the beginning wore off towards the end.

Although, I personally think him going out of his way to mend the relationship between Jang-mi's parents is a pretty wonderful way to convey how much he cares for them, but that's just me: He thanks her and she asks for something in return… a divorce.

He needs to loosen up and act more natural. Enjoyed it so much,i marathoned it in 3 days. Both of them were more concerned with looking good than showing some real emotion, and neither of them were able to give any unspoken clues about their character.

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Here's the final BTS: Davia Apr 27