Maytag ice maker hookup Refrigerator Water Supply Kit

Maytag ice maker hookup

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Top of Page View New Posts. The clasp snaps into place between the fitting and the collar.

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So I put a cap on the elbow copper valve and have the water going into the plastic tubing, but after several hours still no water, no ice. Water Connection Style 1: Then, pull the tubing out of the fitting.

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If how ever you only have an ice maker only one water tube should be leaving the valve. Login User Name Remember Me? Phone Jack Hookup Problem. They are connected inside the fridge somehow as again when I turned on the water to the hose that goes to the water filter, water came OUT the inlet valve.

The tube from the water filter is NOT connected to the inlet of the water valve, it does by it and into the fridge. On models with the ice storage bin on the door, there are two water tubing connections, as shown. So I tried hooking up the plastic tube instead and when I turned on the water it came pouring out the elbow copper valve. Insert the tubing into the fitting until it stops and the outer ring is touching the face of fitting.

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Disconnect the water dispenser tubing located on top of the door hinge. Your water valve has an inlet and two outlets correct? Insert the tubing firmly into the fitting until it stops.

Is the water dispenser tube(some models) correctly connected ?

If it is leaking from the metal connector of the valve you will need to determine if it is the hose leaking or the connection, make sure the hose connection has a farrell. Is the water dispenser tube some models correctly connected? The valve should have a copper connection, this is where the water line leaving kindred spirits dating agency filter should go.

On models with the ice storage bin inside the freezer, there is only one ice maker hookup tubing connection. Also any other suggestions would be appreciated. After placing a cap on the inlet valve, I still do not have water or ICE.

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Disconnect the water tubing, located behind the base grille on the freezer door side. The two tubes going up the back of the frig go to the water filter. There are two hook up spots on the back. Stymied by window leakage problem. Style 2 Insert the tubing firmly into the fitting until it stops. Firmly ice maker hookup on the clasp to release the tube, then pull the water tubing free.

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Water Connection Style 2: Make sure the water dispenser tube assembly has been properly reconnected. The you should have one tube leaving the valve for the ice maker and one if yours has it to the water through the door.

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