Musicians and artists dating The highs—and oh so many lows—of dating a musician

Musicians and artists dating, now playing

Secondly, been happily married for 8 years and a good portion of my musician friends are happily married, and the divorce rate seems about the same as average. It takes a certain breed of girl to ride the rock 'n' roll roller coaster—a girl with near bulletproof independence and preferably a knack for accounting.

And there are not any groupies. Nicki Escudero May 8, 5: Craig still resides in the home, shocked by a love gone ugly. I promoted his music on the internet. Buda and Lucas see themselves as exceptions to the rule.

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You spend the night with the lead singer of a band. If there was some interest in going on a trip, we couldn't seem to work around the touring. Who would musician and artists dating that? However, I do not consider hanging out in a hotel room in Minneapolis for two days to be a real vacation. The blonde beauty has a thing for musicians—Hadid dated Jonas for several months before they split up towards the end of But most musicians keep overhead low and working obligations minimal to free time to play.

Waiting to load in.

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But she admits the constant touring wasn't the worst aspect. The only complaints I actually have are those that seem selfish.

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Turns out, many perfectly smart, interesting women want that, because the perks tend to outweigh those pitfalls—at musician and artists dating while times are good. They line up for autographs, snap pictures, offer beers and smokes.

She's had two long-term relationships with dudes in bands—even marrying one for a brief swirl. Vincent, sparked rumors of a new romance.

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A heart growing fonder? And yes, playing a church basement on Sunday at 5pm, spare yourself, stay home and go on the internet, or meet up afterwards at a coffee shop. Love on a Budget Most musicians will never see the payoff Lawrence enjoyed.

They could probably pay their bills if they just didn't spend so much money on booze out at bars.

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Just ask Kelli Craig. Don't go to every show. How do you get a drummer off your doorstep? Even if they could, musicians find living close to the bone intensely romantic.

I'm gonna write you, like, 12 songs that will blow your mind ... but also I'm never around.

If you actually like the music and want to go to all the shows, for God's sake don't go to the practices. He has a small local following.

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He's such a fucker. Part and parcel of any hustle is hitting the road to win hearts and minds.