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My two best friends started dating, tip #2: embrace your new role

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I can see how much worse that makes things for you. You just made them feel more awkward around you, so they find hanging out with you less pleasant. It's a loaded term, and I think once you separate them from that title, and aren't feeling betrayed by your "best friends", you'll feel better about where you are with them.

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We have funny videos, exclusive interviews, and hot new entertainment release clips and trailers. Or do you think I should suck it up and deal with it? They definitely are your real friends as you've listed all the reasons why you cut everyone else out except for them.

How do I express this to them without sounding rude?

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Keep him at arms-length and at the same time show your friend that you are happy for her and are there to support her. It gave me confidence knowing I had that support network to reassure me I was still someone worth hanging out with, and to fall back on if things went south with the dates. You are using an outdated browser.

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Just feeling crappy all around. I learned this the hard way a few years before you did, but They kiss and snuggle and all that stuff, and I kind of just draw cartoons in my sketchbook or something. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

Message me if you need anything. You're right, it sucks and it feels so alone. Just a bit hard to get motivated right now to try to get close to someone when I just got pretty much dumped simultaneously by two people I cared a lot about.

And to be fair they shouldn't have done some of the things they did.

Tip #1: Be Happy for Them! (Shocker, Right?)

Will you make a small contribution? It's a tough way to present it because it so easily comes of as needy. I was just happy with them.

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Honestly, if they are ignoring you so much, you should move on. However there's a difference between "since you guys started dating I feel so abandoned" and "I felt like we haven't hung out the three of us like we used too.

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And be careful not to generalize this my two best friends started dating to "everyone will abandon me. If you do, we will assume you are trying to start a brigade and you will be banned. This doesn't mean that you cut all ties of corse, but you should work on finding people at your school or elsewhere who you can hang out with until Lily and Dani calm down. This will sound more appealing to them.