No longer interested in dating No longer interested in dating

No longer interested in dating

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You are who you are. When I meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, I want to already be the person I set out to be, or at least have a much clearer vision of how to get there, and I have no desire in wasting my time or other people's time along the way.

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It doesn't really bother me that I feel this way. All the other people perfectly okay with being in your situation did not come to C-D and create a thread about it.

You're right it might also be related to the bad breakup you've had, you might be trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again. It's not like a "thing"; I'm not out on some crusade to be single. I had several sexual encounters after he left me and not one of them was positive or no longer interested in dating enjoyable, in fact, most times I never wanted to speak to that person again.

I sometimes wonder if my lack of interest in dating is just a wall I've put up to prevent that from ever happening to me again. But I notice that as comfortable as I am with that, there are some people who aren't.

Just don't think I need to be in a relationship to have it. But I am also confident in my ability to love and be loved, and I don't feel the need to prove it by rushing into a relationship I'm not sure about.

Hartford CT 1, posts, read 1, times Reputation: View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. I've gotten this my whole life.

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I just am not interested. Has anyone out there ever experienced just a total lack of interest in anything having to do with dating, getting into a relationship, or even is britt nilsson still dating brady sex for that matter?

I just have NO interest. I have worked hard for the things I've wanted to make of myself, and being able to make snap decisions that I knew wouldn't no longer interested in dating affect another person has been crucial to every little success. I am very similar to you, except I need sex He was the only one with whom it felt "right.

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There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but if you do eventually want a relationship, it would more likely be successful if you find a partner who has a very similar libido level. Emerald Coast, FL 5, posts, read 7, times Reputation: I'm a proactive person; if there was some major hole in my life, I would fill it.

I want to make sure whoever I do eventually date, should I decide to, is as nice as people I've dated in the past. Never thought this would explain it. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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All my cousins, siblings, dating egotistical man family members are married or dating someone. Similar Threads Is normal that after one year dating my boyfriend has only photos of his ex and none of me on his Facebook? Sometimes I think my mind as well may be just so fixed on running mentally that I have no time to care about sex?

Most people I've dated have been phenomenal. I am almost 25 and a good portion of my friends are engaged, married, dating someone, in a relationship, or just going on dates or "seeing somebody.

So yeah, even though every now and then I'll dip a toe into the dating pool, I'm not a fan of forcing things.

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