Not dating in high school 10 Perks of Never Having Dated in High School

Not dating in high school, all my campus chapters

For me it was my fiances family. Taking me out to dinner whenever they went.

1. Less Distractions

You aren't willing to settle for just anybody. To be honest, if I could speak to my 16 year old self, I'd tell him not to bother with any of it until university.

Sure, a lot of it is stupid but it's part of the fun. Boy, I wish I had this kind of clear thinking when I was in high school. Sign up to get updated on our latest coverage of race and hate.

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As we grew up together we all fell in love. Am I really missing out on anything by not dating in high school?


This is especially true in high school, when everybody likes to be in everybody else's business. You won't get roped into double dates with your best friend's S. My highschool relationships were the training wheels to my adult romantic life.

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Hey Katie, what a mature answer! I wanted to be pure till marriage. Of course, there were some days that not having a boyfriend sucked a little more than others, like Valentine's Day, or prom, or basically any other school dance where not having a date is like a high school girl's worst nightmare.

I love this and will be sharing with my 15 year old son.

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Harry Styles" drawn all over them. Youre going to meet a lot of not dating in high school, a lot like you, and wonder "where have all of you been my whole life?

Keep up with the story here. In a rather unique way.

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And when you do meet someone who deserves you, you'll feel sparkles and butterflies and fireworks, and they'll feel them, too.