One plus one dating agency Πολλές αξιόλογες γνωριμίες ξεκινούν από εδώ.

One plus one dating agency

You always feel at ease when you meet him.

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He genuinely cares for his guests, and takes great care to ensure that you have an enjoyable event, and that your personal particulars are kept safe. I have met two of their hosts — Matthew and Leah.

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This could just be due to luck or something. Appreciate the sharing of your dating agencies experience.

In terms of event organisation, I think it is so-so. And neither have I met anyone whom I was that interested in too.

Definitely a wonderful host. Notify me of new comments via email. This form of discrimination is extremely unprofessional and is a complete letdown. His choice of dining location sometimes is disappointing and he is known to favor females when handling complaints.

He has a knack for precision such that at times one is almost tempted to think that he was an engineer in his past life or something. I also met dear Miss Arts House at this very first event under rather amusing circumstancesand I have also recently gotten to know Miss Hands from a Singles Mingle event too…so you could say that Singles Mingle does deserve a special place in my heart.

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However, I have had great experiences with the way they organise their events. Overall, I would still give Singles Mingle a 7.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Overall, a one plus one dating agency competent and professional outfit. At least 2 Lasting Female Friends Made: However, I have never seemed to meet anyone from his events whom I was particularly interested in.

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I dare say that people tend to prefer to stick with a particular agency, although there are also those like me who sign up with all the various agencies. I intend to go for a SDN event next month.