Onkyo usa hookup TX-NR509 Quick Setup Guide

Onkyo usa hookup

The next thing I would do now that you have gotten this far is verify that you are decoding Dolby Digital 5. They were afraid that being able to view their movies on VHS would put the movie theater industry out of business but did it?

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The allure of not having to wire the surround speakers from the other side of the room is very great. Your hookup successfully sent!

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This is not a 5. Posted on Saturday, March 01, - We may revise or terminate the Customer Care Program or Trade in Program at any time in our sole discretion. I do now agree with you concerning ON Demand. Just because Steve sees the red light doesn't mean that there's actually a signal coming out of it.

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Jim, he will need to know how to confirm this. John, just judging fom this statement that you made previously makes it painfully obvious that you are just giving me a hard time for no reason!!! You needed to buy a rather expensive special player to play these discs.

What exactly are you willing to spend on the receiver and speakers? They just aren't going to buy Blu-ray unless there's a compelling reason to do so. I did set up the dvd player and it shows the DOlby Digital 5. You could reduce your costs by getting an Onkyo Home theater in a box but I think the way that you are going is much better. I guess my opinion on this is somewhat biased The is in the same ball park as mine but is less expensive.

The connector is orange. It will be optical 1, optical 2, coax 1, or coax 2 -whichever one you plugged it into.

Let me know what happens. The hookup is that going with signing and dating artwork will save you money in the long run and you will be able to upgrade the speakers in the future as John indicated. In this menu first select DVD using the up and down arrow keys on the remote.

Posted on Thursday, February 28, - It will say Dolby Digital 5. Its just after your last post.

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I think that for the same reason BD will be invested in because it would not be as reliable as SSD and the industry will stand to profit more from it. Obviously Blu-ray had better hurry up before something better comes along.

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To determine if your receiver is eligible under this Customer Care Program please click here We thank you for your loyalty! Just make sure you did everything I said and make sure you are on a digital input on the receiver not an output on the receiver.

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I did not by any means interpret that as an opening for intelligent conversation.