Pg dating pro reviews PG Dating Pro – An Expensive Dating Script You Should Avoid

Pg dating pro reviews

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Dating is a good software for a fair price. And the price of the script is inexcusable. Their sales and support service is bad; they dont pg dating pro reviews emails; they dont keep promises they make to you - even if you want to buy something.

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PG Dating Pro products erases distances and frontiers between countries and continents and gives men and women from different countries the chance to change their Destiny and find Harmony and Happiness on their Life Journey. I remember the reaction of people many years when someone spoke of a friend using an online dating service.

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I beg you, don't take the chance - the programming is pg dating pro reviews. They aren't willing to give you back not even one dollar! Compare the leading free and non free online dating sites, singles communities and dating services.

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The site doesn't make sense as a dating website, its as if they just threw in features just to throw them in with no purpose. We are almost 10 years in the market and have managed to make our documentation better. We also have a reference to http: Then they don't deliever all that is paid for.

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Download Now Secure Download. Within a few minutes you can have your web site up and running. Thought I would never succeed… Well. I wanted to give them a Poor rating but to be fair, ill say Fair.

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The prospective customers will see the demo, like it, purchase the package and… find out that a lot of features should be purchased separately. Do some real research and realize that dating as a business is flooded and duck tape is not how to fix a hole in the bottom a boat!

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I bought this software licenses business 50 days ago!! It would also be nice to have more features for targeting, better seo.

Who Uses This Software?

Horrible experience with programming and waste of time and money Rating: However, when I checked an hour later, the same slowdown problems were there. What is considered an essential and engaging part of an online dating experience by some dating site owners, may be considered superfluous by others.

Dear manoveio, May be there was some misunderstanding.

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A quick test of the demo page on GTmetrix reveals how inefficient the script is. For some reasons we could not start work on project until today.

What PG Dating Pro Offers

Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And support is only capable to ignore you. Slow response from the team but still an excellent script and company to work with Rating: All in all they are a good company, you made need a little patience if you do not know anything about installing or editing websites.

The general assumption by people was that they must have been desperate.