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I would love to hear about it! I would try going to swing or other vintage rockabillies dating site to find somebody. There was several small tiff's here and there I'm more greaser than thou shit and then a huge rumble after the car show, police called ambulances and people arrested, broken windows of cars and shite like that.

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A large complaint amongst my single friends is that men don't want to date or court anymore. I don't think if you found someone on a "vintage" dating site, you would necesserily get along.

Rockabilly "Rocks" I play in a band that does mostly rockabilly.

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A Woman, 28 Riverside, California. Besides that it was a blast and I can't wait for next year. There is a Fedora Lounge site on Facebook you could try. No, create an account now. Hey what's Viva, is that like Hootenanny or somethin?

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Pinup girls are typically sassy, smart and have killer senses of humor. Keep your hair coiffed and your beard in good shape.

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They always look amazing and you should be their dapper complement. It's gonna be a good time like always. Do you already have an account? Thing is, many different people are into vintage for different reasons.

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Your name or email address: If they ever come out your way go see 'em - they're great. Keep your sense of humor. Nov 17, 1.

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A Man, 49 Gainesville, Florida.