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As of Heart of the SwarmBlizzard changed the ii matchmaking percentages as follows: I will try these steps out. You will have to play a couple of games to evaluate your level and then you will be put in a league that fits you best. In fact, even the latency isn't too bad.

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Players are placed in a league after having completed 5 placement matches. Thanks for the reply.

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The existence of a competitive mode — i. As long as you are the best player on your team it's still superior in high Elo play.

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On the flip side, I think the season-by-season approach of StarCraft is too delayed. Do marine micro or proper smoke setups have a context outside of their respective games? Every skill gap will inevitably be punished because there are no teammates to compensate for it.

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There's also a ii matchmaking on the TeamLiquid forums titled SC2 Ladder Analysis which has a fairly comprehensive write-up of bnet2.

After a Ranked Multiplayer ladder game, I get disconnected from battle.

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This means players will often face opponents from other divisions, and may face opponents from different leagues. By the end, the normal player ranked a full two ranks higher than his supporting counterpart. You won't be able to vote or comment.

Blizzard working on new First-Person game possibly related to Overwatch, and an MMO RTS!

I'd care about CSGO rankings if the game wasn't disgustingly infested with cheaters at all levels. MMR decay was removed in April It seems very difficult to actually move up ranks because so much depends on your teammates Players do not usually move from one division to another within the same league, though it is technically possible for a player to manually leave their division, and happen to be placed back into the same division. Sign In Don't have an account? I still believe in those ideas when it comes to StarCraft, but whether they can be applied to Counter-Strike depends on how much the game factors in individual performance.

I think you could theoretically expand this to the matchmaking system by enabling points-based victories.

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