Tf2 competitive matchmaking beta invite Competitive Matchmaking Beta Invite

Tf2 competitive matchmaking beta invite

I'd be surprised if any of them are even left in a month.

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Why are we even trying to price this? This item is so incredibly volatile that there's no theoretical way we can hone in on a single price. They're given away for free.


Find a decent human being willing to share the experience. And as Koala said, this was never meant to be an item for selling. Sure, we can see when keys left inventories and when passes are gifted, but it just isn't anything I'd comfortably accept as sales data. AND from what i understand this is a temporary item that is soon to dissapear april 2nd is the rumor But you're the third person who has erroneously tried to price this in the range of a key today. Not only that, but we can't technically prove any sales because this is a giftable item.

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Please no price on this the most of them are given for free. It was designed to be given away.

This suggestion was closed 2 years ago by polar. Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion. We try to price it because there is market for this? If you could provide a sensible range that actually made competitive matchmaking beta invite, I'd be inclined to vote for it.

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They're all over the place. Pricing this is pointless. Sure, it's easier to buy one, but it shouldn't be priced. This is third time im saying this: Either they will all be used up, or Valve will more than likely disable them after the beta ends.

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Been gifting all of mine away to friends and insisting that they do the same. Non-Tradable items trades are such risky Personaly Sold one for 18ref http: I agree with Koala.

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Sold 6 for free so far. This item should NOT be priced, this item shouldnt be up for sell.

Price Competitive Matchmaking Beta Invite

Not that any of this matters. Sorry pal, they simply don't sell for that.

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Valve for sure didint made the gift for trading purposes, its sharing with friends.