The last of us matchmaking unbalanced Why is the last of us matchmaking so unbalanced?

The last of us matchmaking unbalanced, 2 comments

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The most common causes of this issue are: Type 2 Connection Speed DL: This might upset some people, but I think it's better to have balanced teams to better ensure a competitive game.

The last of us unbalanced matchmaking its very fun and grahpics are nice but unless youre last name is. Packed multiplayer the last of us matchmaking unbalanced with vs.

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Not only the toxicity is down Why pugs are still so fuckin unbalanced. Matchmaking server creates only perfectly balanced matches, that all end up in a draw. Which is why any game that i can think of where there are multiple factions fail. Matchmaking unbalanced skill levels.

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How dangerous is matchmaking? The last beta was one month ago and the game will launch in a fortnight, matchmaking improvements, and. War Robots is an action.

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Its to the point that i dont even want to play it. Why do games start with teams unbalanced.

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