Water line hook up to fridge How to Install the Water Line For The Four Door Refrigerator

Water line hook up to fridge

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To straighten coiled tubing not the entire rollhave a partner hold the end of the tube flat on the floor, then push the roll against the floor while unrolling to the length you need to go through the cabinets. Offer valid only for new Samsung. Tubing is the run from the valve to the refrigerator.

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Another option is to hook up a water line to a dedicated valve for the refrigerator. To begin, shut off the water at the main valve, then open the sink faucet and another lower level faucet to drain the pipe. Don't have a Samsung Account? Create your Samsung Account First Name. Log in with your Samsung Account.

Required Tools for this Project

MORE pretty much anywhere there is an existing shutoff valve. Then you water line hook up to fridge out the rod and water flows through a tiny hole into the tubing. For Software or firmware questions, we suggest the following: You'll want to use water lines that are already in place if possible, rather than attempting to install new pipes.

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Once you're outside the last cabinet, don't attach any clamps; just run the tubing to the floor near the water hookup on the fridge. Family HandymanWhirlpool ]. It has a tiny shutoff valve that uses a sharp pointed metal rod to pierce the outer wall of the pipe when screwed inward.

Plumb the fridge

Now the refrigerator is connected. A saddle valve clamps on to the cold water supply pipe and pierces it so that water will flow through the new valve. Attach one end of the copper tubing to the refrigerator's water pipe, using a nut and ferrule.

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Step 3 — Connect the Water Line to the Refrigerator Next, wrap the threads on the water-line connector that is on the back of the fridge with thread-seal tape to lubricate the threads. Your account for everything Samsung.