Wot matchmaking unfair Is anything going to be done about unfair matchmaking?

Wot matchmaking unfair

Death 16 Posted 01 August - Vary team composition for unpredictable battles.

Surely this level everyone has already learned what doesn't work? Community Forum Software by IP.

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Personally, I think so. It's fair to all. These situations all affect the matchmaker's template, which is used to lower the amount of time players spend in queue.

I don't get why you guys would even defend this imbalanced system.

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The O-I Experimental's armor isn't that good. Search Advanced Search section: Back to General Discussion. Retia 6 Posted 01 August - Libereco 14 Posted 24 May - You wot matchmaking unfair to keep in mind that WG deliberately intends for the MM to have a high range of variability, they want some battles to be very difficult, some to be very easy, with most being in between. But nooooo if one team has that configuration other team will have 6 tier 8 tanks and almost certainlly wins!

Visit this page to find out more: It can help make the game less boring sometimes but can be fun if you are on the right team.

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Hypersuper 8 Posted 02 March - What is your problem WoT developers if you can't make that both teams have equal number of different tiers? You may need APCR for guaranteed penetrations, but so what, it's cheap and rewarding enough. As I have become more experienced with the game I can see that when there are differences in team balance, how the MM has compensated whilst considering the numbers of players and the constantly changing available tanks.

The matches would be more even, but you would be punished for having a wot matchmaking unfair rating as the other team will be 'buffed' to compensate.

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The main problem with O-I exp is it's also pretty damn fast for such a huge heavy, and the gun handling isn't really that terrible either. You have to have games like this in my opinion. Spexinator25, on 14 April - The Matilda's top gun can pen almost anything it meets. You still remember me right? The only problem with the MM is the noobs in it.