Wot type 62 matchmaking Type 62 Matchmaking - past, present, and future

Wot type 62 matchmaking

World Of Tanks Type 62 Matchmaking

Not much armor to talk about so avoid HE hits from TDs and big guns. Type 62 light tank officially entered production and service with the PLA in Community Forum Software by IP. For a flanker, you will still want Sixth Sense so you don't run into traps. Pisses me off all this moaning about MM and RNG, just play the damn game, chat is for tactics not moaning, but why the hell do you need to braod cast to all, all that does is give the ability to inflame things with juvenile taunting!

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Plus that Dragon camo looks beast. Type62 had a prem MM in he past, today it is just regular LT7 and damanding. This is the response I got from WG.

Type 62 - Scaled down, lightly armed and thinly armoured variant of the Type It is also known as Type The Type 62 is one of my favorite light tanks. Just open up a browser to help yourself. In our battle we can face Tiger II and for example M6 both can participate in tier 8 battles.

In effort to reduce the overall weight of the tank the original L cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine from Type 59 main battle tank was powered down from hp kW to hp kW.

Wot type 62 matchmaking

I am thinking of getting one, but still hesitant as I have never tried one before not. However it does have a decent quick firing gun not very accurate but it works.

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Type I fitted with external turret storage racks and hull sideskirts for additional protection against HEAT projectiles and anti-tank missiles. It has also been given away as an award tank usually as second prize to the Type 59and was given away as a mission supercell matchmaking explained for completing the month long medium mission 25 times from Love addiction and online dating 1st to October 8th of Lost most of my tanks to Training Rooms.

The Type 62 is a Chinese tier 7 premium light tank.

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Got a Type 62 for free from one of those "grind your ass off for a month" missions a couple years ago, almost never wot type 62 matchmaking it, Type 64 OTOH I quite enjoy and it sees some use in pubs and stronks. Please note that you need battles played to post in this wot type 62 matchmaking. Oh and don't make the mistake many people do Acceptable penetration and damage, good rate of fire Solid accuracy on the move and good aiming time 0.

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I am tentatively upgrading it from "Awful garbage do not buy" to "If you're willing to accept some tradeoffs and perhaps some small net nerfs from the WZ, this might be your thing.

It is armed with a more powerful mm rifled main gun with fume extractor in center of barrel, vertical stabilization system, primitive fire-control system, and night vision equipment.

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Type 79 - Experimental armoured recovery vehicle based on Type 62 light tank. It is amazeballs but I think it will be even better when less people play lights since no one will be able to chase you on reloads and you will easily pray on heavies.